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Artist: Rumpistol
Title: Away
Format: 12"
Label: Rump Recordings (@)
Rated: *****
According to the linear notes this album 'references ['¦] the isolation, absence and loss that comes with the creative process, but also the privilege of being able to disappear into another world and be 100% present in the music' and, almost oddly, this phrase is a clear description of this release as it reveals the implicit struggle between searching new sounds using old synths and being catchy with the radio listener being interesting with the bored reviewer.
From the evocative introduction of 'A dream' to the equally evocative and almost pop ending of 'Atacama' this release is a journey into this form of music that is equally equidistant from the banalities of pop and the autism of experimental. This means that, starting from the almost dull but dancey beats of 'A town', the rumpistol's musical offering is even honest in the depiction of his musical influences but his development is remarkable as it's not something only for the distracted listening but it's something revealing an experimental feel. So, if 'Amnesia' tries to develop the canon of drum 'n bass, 'Asleep' sounds as a dancey pop track that could features in the playlist in a radio that set hitself as 'the best italian dance radio' but it's too shy to explore something more demanding. ' A Glance' and 'Amar' seem an outtakes from the firsts autechre's album (and this is a true compliment).
This release is well developed and reveals an artist that stands in the balance between experimental path and pop allure. Highly recommended.

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