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May 26 2014
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Artist: NZ
Title: Raw And Pure
Format: CD EP
Label: Records (@)
Rated: ***** seems to an ideal place for old-school EBM projects, because with this Austrian duo they present a debut with a 4-track EP. And if you take a look to the colors and script for the cover art, you have already a hint, who could be the idols for them. Right, Nitzer Ebb to their "That Total Age" era. And these 4 tracks are good examples how to transform the ideas of 1988 into the present. Best example is for sure "Trigger Me" with the "Alarm"-like Staccato-rhythms, minimal synth bass-line sequences and the raw shouted vocals quite comparable to Douglas McCarthy. It's raw, it's pure, it's sweat-driving - in short, the music features all you can ask for to warm up your next body party. What this EP misses is a small doze of authenticity. Why should the fan not spin "Violent Playground" or "Let Your Body Learn" a millionth time again if he has to choose the still a bit more intense sounding idols in comparison to this newcomer project? No doubt, this is a fair and flawless produced 4-tracker, which is surely especially designed for fans of the music genre. But it's not the stuff to provide their audience own and unimitated ideas.

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