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Artist: Dirty Purple Turtle (@)
Title: Medicine & Madness
Format: CD
Label: Spezialmaterial (@)
Rated: *****
The sinewy knotting of electronic sounds to dogged rockish rhythmical pattern by this Swiss band made up of drummer David Zingre, electronic motorman Daniel Zimmermann and visual artist Lukas Pulver is closer to some previous assays of so-called crossover and I could imagine they could acknowledge some similarities with other acts. In order to give you an idea of what they crafted, you could think a mixture of I-Wolf's Sofa Surfers rugged trip-hop derailments, Ministry's stylistical plumpness, Archive's compulsiveness, Add N to (X)'s robotic playfulness with occasional intrusion over dub and synth-pop fields. They wisely dose the elements for a clean getaway-like listening experience and a compelling sound for a live performance: the endothermic combination of gripping pacing, electronic and dub sutures and electric stridencies as well as both dazed'n'confused and dazing'n'confusing waxing lyrics could let you turn a blind eye to the above-mentioned (and other) flashbacks, which can be considered as symptoms of a certain lack of originality, even if a pernickety listening could let you evince a persuading compactness of Dirty Purple Turtle's jabbing style. I prefer the moments of the album when they dash by booster rocket-like songs ("Count The Clock", "Ducttape or Glue") by far as I imagine their forcefulness on live stage, but they forged some intruiging songs (the asphyxiating corrosions of "Sektor G + D", the final explosion of "Henry Who?" or the pensively meaningful "God's Left Eye", which is going to trigger listener's mind by means of a focus on contemporary alienating "codes") when they remember to pull the brake.

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