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Artist: Candie Hank (@)
Title: Demons
Format: 12"
Label: Shitkatapult
Rated: *****
Patric Catani is a multi faceted musician and he's or had been involved into many projects of the likes of E-De-Cologne, Eradicator, The Horrible Plans Of Flex Busterman, Jewfunk, Methylizer, Patric Cremer, Ricardo Prosetti, Test Tube Kid, Toytone, The VIP, etc. In the past I crossed my path with him when I reviewed Driver & Driver and Party Catani releases. This time I'm here to write about his latest album as Candie Hank. With five albums and a couple of mixed CDs, Candie Hank has released on late April the album "Demons" on Shitkatapult. Available in CD, vinyl and digital, "Demons" contains eleven new tracks that are difficult to define as Patrick mixes genres and atmospheres just to create a new thing that is in balance from surf music (check "Swimming Rabbit", "Every Night" or the opening "The Fox" which sounds like a ride on a 60s rollercoaster with an apple candy stuck on your shirt), Arabesque atmospheres (like on "Think About You Mama" or like on "What Is Your Name", where those atmospheres finds a new home into a dub arrangement) and creative cut-ups. This is the core idea and the force of this record: its creativity. It's difficult that you'll find something else sounding like this and by listening to "Demons" you'll feel like a kid chasing a toy clown into a luna-park while a possessed Atari computer is playing its video game soundtracks. Full of nice sounds, upbeat rhythms, each tracks is a surprise and you'll find yourselves ready for another ride. Please check "What Is Your Name" on the label's Soundcloud page here

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