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Artist: Richard Moult & David Colohan (@)
Title: Hexameron
Format: CD
Label: Time Released Sound (@)
Rated: *****
This assay of graphical and musical art from Time Released Sound got signed by Richard Moult and David Colohan, two young Irish musicians from Galway-based neo folk collective United Bible Studies. I think that the artwork of digital version with that "industralized quotation" from Gustave Dore''s "The Deluge" is a more appropriate image than those swatches from a 100 years-old book about mysterious 15th century printer and illustrator Anton Sorg for the deluxe edition of "Hexameron" in order to let listener envision their style. Named after the term which refers to 6 working days for the creation of our planet by God on Genesis, which got mirrored by the number of tracks as well as by a steady "mystical" tension of their sound, these guys glides along sugarcoated expanded piano melodies, cherubic choirs, occasional drones, placid guitar riffs and lukewarm tonal vaporization, where that vague sense of frail beauty got emphasized with a touch of tragedy and inescapable austerity. To be honest, some moments when the driving musical forces of this record (piano and guitar) reciprocally stress melodic phrases with single chords, which could surmise similar dynamics from melodic prog-rock or fusion stylistical fields, are not so original, but the emotional textures they manage to weave are sometimes enchanting: the gradual ascension on the fifth tracks, the fade-in by which instruments make an entrance on the stage of the second track, which let me think about the breathtaking show of mist sea at dawn on the Isle of Skye, where Moult started to record this album on January 2013, and the occasional dramatic eruptions by Colohan's alto saxophone mark some of my favorite moments of this musical palingenesis.

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