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Artist: Tri-State (@)
Title: Light the kHAOS within
Format: CD
Label: self-released in collaboration with Electro Aggression Records (@)
Distributor: Poponaut
Rated: *****
A comeback of a German trio as well as the kick-off for Electro Aggression Records to start a spring offensive - here comes out a new, powerful and mystic device to conquer more and more the hearts and minds of the international-based EBM-/Dark Electro-audience! To make that clear: 'Light the kHAOS within' is kind of a self-released album by the band; E.A.R. collaborates and helps out with contacts, distribution, promotional efforts and such. So if Tri-State can be counted to be a real E.A.R.-signing artist lies in the eye of the beholder.
But no matter how the things have turned out internally, because what finally counts lays now in front of me in a well-designed black-colored digi-pack. I have to admit that the debut 'Synopsis' of this Eastern German project released more than 10 years before has been an episode I've never discovered. So I was quite unfamiliar with the works of this band-project as well as with their relevant data out of their biography.
They can look back on their highly praised debut released in 2000 by Pandaimonium and later licensed to the Russian Irond label. A breathtaking live performance at the 11th WGT in Leipzig brought them highly attention and their future seemed to be bright. German press has compared them in a row of prominent German idols like Placebo Effect, yelworC, Putrefy Factor 7, Kalte Farben, and/or Abscess. All promising names and of course comparisons, on which one can be proud of. But it all went down the drain because in 2002 they stopped all activities related to their musically career. Too bad, so they had to start with a slightly changing of the band formation from scratch again. As it often happens with the latest E.A.R. discoveries, also Tri-State had their slot on the old school Electro/Industrial-bible, the legendary 'Old School Electrology Vol.1' (4-CD box-set). Adding to this a promising contribution to the Sonic Seducer 'Battle of the Bands' contest in 2012 has increased the hopes for a possible comeback to take form.
But no matter how their career has taken course, because their presently provided music is a perfect soundtrack to delve into deepest, Dark-Electro-based scenarios, which will leave you highly impressed! What they call 'Symphonic Dark Electro' isn't their form to install orchestral Neo-Classic elements, but it is their vision of layered Dark Electro which often results in a comparable, bombastic manner! Of course the always influential Puppy-an factor celebrated in every second note takes a huge sponsorship to their sound outfit, also the vocals and its kind of processing could win any 'Let's-sing-like-Ogre'-contest. But it still matters a lot, if one decides simply to copy, or if one decides to rebuild structures and to install own ideas and modify the whole melange to form something with authenticity.
As this comeback has taken a long time in between, plus also the fact that the making of this album has lasted 5 years, you can be assured, that you won't get to hear the first bloody steps of a greenhorn switching on a synthesizer for the first time. 'Light the kHAOS within' is an epic, complex produced Dark Electro-masterpiece hardly to discover these days. The opener "rE-spawned" is kind of a revamped track originally released on their above mentioned debut and this one already set a quality standard. Nevertheless I have found the most promising pearls with the rather Downtempo-like, but extremely cold-melodic pieces like "ranDOM FAILures PreferRED" and/or "belle EpoQUE". These tracks are standing eye to eye with classics like "Worlock", "Testure", "Blood In Face" or "Slashed Open". A track like "geneLAW" also proves their ability to write sentimental, heart-touching lyrics (here: the horrific experience of a stillborn child).
As I am sure that almost all press colleagues have written highly praising reviews before, I too come to the conclusion, that this thrilling arranged Dark-Electro-album is a true masterpiece from the first to the last note. It is for sure another proof for E.A.R. to sign with the best horses of up-to-date artists based in this special music style. Get this awesome piece of Electro music as this is a must-have item!

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