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Artist: Martijn Comes (@)
Title: Infinite Spaces and Beyond
Format: CD
Label: IO Sound (@)
Rated: *****
Some sizzling synth-driven frequencies, frothy dilations and sonic meteroids on the opening track "Memory Field" fire up the engine of the musical starship by experienced Dutch sound artist Martijn Comes. Careful and erudite listeners will supposedly recognize many well-known musical astral bodies while watching out of its portholes, such as the electronic archeostructures by The Orb, the psychedelic extrusions by Future Sound London, Pete Namlook's intergalactic overdrives or some acts of synth-pop, ambient-dub and techno-ambient, but they will soon surrender to the attractively elongated "fields" by this gut, who managed to wrap his overdrive of electronic dub, techno-throbbing sponges, fluffy ambient by catalytic orchestral stoles and sometimes unpredictable dynamics: for instance, the cathedral-like space organs of "Silent Field" will let you foretell the follow-up of the track just after Martijn adulterates it by a pitching, which fosters a sort of alchemical transmutation into a progressive techno combustion or the marine inputs in the beginning of the final "Ultrasonic Field" has no apparent connections with the magnetic gargling plain chant and the ancestral radiofrequencies at the end of the suite. Martijn wisely turns each track into adventurous listening experiences by occasional aerostatic interruption and gorgeously cadenced mutations, which become proper sonic traps on the almost mystical suite "Electric Field" and on "Mirrored Field", which could resemble to some late 90ies techno-trance dry stuff such as Dr.Numa, Zen Paradox or Koen "Starfish Pool" Lybaert. This breathtaking sidereal journey has been asterfully mastered by Taylor Deupree.

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