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Artist: Lahka Muza (@)
Title: Byt Tvojim Zrkadlom (To Be Your Mirror)
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Slovakian darkwave band Ľahká Múza has been around a long, long time, going all the way back to 1984, and releases as far back 1989. 'Byť Tvojím Zrkadlom' ('To Be Your Mirror') is now their 8th album, this one self-released on their own EXcentriX Records label. If you're American, you probably never heard, or heard of them. If you're from Europe, chances are you have, and know what an iconic group this is. The core of Ľahká Múza is Gudrun Snake (vocals) and 677 (guitars). Their sound could be described as a cross between earliest Dead Can Dance and Siouxsie & the Banshees, though sounding specifically like neither. Gudrun has the power of Lisa Gerrard's vocals, but with a more shamanistic, witchy twist, and 677 makes use of that Banshee signature flanged guitar sound, alternately with heavy sustained fuzzy distortion. This became the hallmark sound of many '90's goth groups in this vein, but Ľahká Múza has it down to a tee. There is nothing 'pop' about the music of Ľahká Múza; it is dark, ritualistic, mysterious and oh so foreign to Western ears, yet somehow familiar. All songs are sung by Gudrun in the Slovak language, and sometimes just sounds more than words. This has a very dramatic effect, even if you don't know what she's singing about, which for those unfamiliar with the language (most of us) can be very compelling. (Hey, Gerrard's vocals in DCD often weren't decipherable, but no less compelling.)
Although there are drums and percussion, 'To Be Your Mirror' isn't in any way typical dark dance floor fodder. For one, the percussion (presumably drum machine) often carries a martial beat in one form or another. Reverb swathes the vocals and guitar, and there is an often present bass drone in the background. Gudrun's voice often has an operatic quality; in fact, at times she sounds like two different singers ' the operatic diva, and the witchy evil sorceress. Her vocals soar to uncanny heights, then swoop down low like a raptor after its prey. The music is heavy and thick with atmosphere, and though you may swear you've heard something like this before, you really haven't. 'To Be Your Mirror' maintains its austerity throughout, never deviating from the unworldly aura it presents. Quite uncompromising is Ľahká Múza, and live Gudrun presents herself as a stark fetish figure, the dominatrix supreme. This isn't what I call casual listening; it literally demands your attention. There are some keyboards here and there (most notably on final track 'Symmetry') but the music is primarily guitar-based, and none the worse for it. Definitely worth seeking out, 'To Be Your Mirror' seems as a refinement of the band's previous musical efforts. (You'd probably have to order the CD directly from Ľahká Múza on their website because I don't think their distribution extends to the U.S. yet.) Gudrun and 667 also have a side project called Hieros Gamos (please, please send me the CD to review), the main difference being that the music is more keyboard/synth and fetish oriented, but no less austere. (A little like Die Form in a way.) I only wish they could perform in the U.S., for if they did they would certainly enthrall the lovers of dark music among us.

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