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Artist: Anne Chris Bakker (@)
Title: Tussenlicht
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Somehow Recordings
Rated: *****
Released in September 2013 Tussenlicht is Anne Chris Bakker's second solo recording (Weerzien, 2012), which I haven't heard so judging progression of sound or technique is not possible. Let me say first off that I was surprised that this CD played on what seemed to be the label side of the disk. It's just a black surface on one side and the silver surface on the other. Logic would demand playing the silver side but actually you play the black side. Freaky! Anyway, as far as the music is concerned this is an enjoyable example of Brian Eno inspired minimalistic ambience (even if she doesn't think she's copying him. These complicated webs of influence happen all the time in music). Music in a dream-state, consonant tones playing over a sound bed of droney electronic (I'm guessing here) loops. But this isn't as static in tonality as Eno's stuff is. There's the added dimension of location recordings to put the music in the real world, giving it a sense that there's a living, breathing person behind it all. If the music had been in a minor key it would have been sad and creepy, but it isn't. Just a bit of "slice of life," like staring out your window while the music is playing in the room behind you, the sounds of the neighborhood and the music reaching the ears at the same time. Something to listen to at the end of a long day to wind down, or on a quiet Sunday afternoon, sitting in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed. Nothing earth-shatteringly new (is that even possible anymore?) but I liked it.

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