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Artist: Uncodified/Satanismo Calibro 9
Title: Adamant Orgon Ritual
Format: CD
Label: Old Europa Cafè (@)
Rated: *****
Two of the most interesting creative forces of underground Italian industrial scene, Sardinian experimental noiser Corrado Alteri aka Uncodified and the obscure collective Satanismo Calibro 9, joined respective sonic fluxes in a powerful release which is going to detonate listener's cathexis. The crossbreed of the meticulously built electro-mechanical cellular tissue by Uncodified and the incisive strategy by Satanismo Calibro 9, whose curettage from interconnected symbolical as well as stylistical fields such as dark-industrial, brutal power-electronics and ritual ambient seems to be intended to perform exorcisms on listener's intimate impulses and visceral drives, materializes in a potentially noxious suppuration of piercing and sometimes obsessive streams, which got ignited by the magnetic typhoons, the sudden bursts of electricity and vocal recordings which seems to have been grabbed from the preaching of some hyped televangelist of "The Truth Speaks In Tongues". They keep on charging orgonic accumulators - the reference of the whole release is obviously to the banned practices and studies by Wilhelm Reich - by the overlayered electric scrapes of "Adamant Ritual", the drilling corrosion of "Premonition Of The Void" and the porous strictures and the hypnotical listlessness of "Orgonic Mass", before the final frightening catatonic seizures of "Origin & Return", "Beyond The Aether" and the seventh untitled "hidden" track whose sonic hank got frayed by transpiring choked shouts, knocks on metallic cages, muffled pealing and subcutaneous tremors as if the evoked sexual energies, which got unchained by prolonged isolations, had finally turned into uncontrollable desctructive impetus.

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