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Artist: Spoelstra
Title: Sports and Finance
Format: 12"
Label: Narrominded (@)
Rated: *****
According ti the linear notes this album 'connects eight songs dealing with the matter' as, from Narrominded, is a strange surprise as, instead of being something classifiable in the electronic or avant-garde genre, it's a post-rock (or math-rock) album. It's even almost pop as it hasn't apparently anything too difficult to hear and enjoy as all the experimental effort are bounded in a clear and classic, in the limit of the genre, musical development.
From the rhythmic asperities of 'Map and Shovel' to the quieter ones of 'Sports and Finance', to the slow development of 'Make Out and Roll Credits' to the fast one of 'And Robin' the first side of this album is based upon the oppositions that could be realized using the formula of an instrumental rock song. The b side is opened by 'Smile and Wave' with his classic jazz influences, followed by 'Hell and Safety' and 'Piss and Chips'with his more punk-orientded attitude. 'Hit and Miss Florida' closes this release with a slower development that reveals a sort of disco, even if strange, influence.
This album is not a ground breaking one but has a remarkable quality: admittedly, it doesn't want to be it. So, it's a pleasure to hear it.

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