Music Reviews

Artist: Wicked King Wicker
Title: Evolving
Format: CD
Label: Cold Spring (@)
Rated: *****
Named after a quotation of a 1973 horror film on a handwritten letter that Daily News columnist Breslin received from American serial killer David Richard Berkowitz, New York-based extreme doom-hooked noise project by Jim Gibson and Logan Butler adds another headsquashing ring on their heavily thunderous chain. "The Devil Must Learn The Limitations of The Host" deserves an award just for his quirky and somehow guessed title; it cannot but influence listener's imagination while his/her eardrum got stricken by corrosive landslip of wobbling noise who dwarfs the voice to the point that it's really difficult to understand what he's saying so that you cannot but imagine those words could come from a pleading possessed man who tries to persuade his devil who is getting a hold of his body that he should not exaggerate by his bedevilments! The following "A Prayer For Death" where piercing high-pitched squeaks, noises of supposedly dying combustion engines and sinisterly rising limping whirls got carried in procession over an obsessively offbeat knock. Don't ask me the reason why listening to "Zen And The Art Of Nihilism" let me imagine about a mad electrician who torture a mouflon on a self-made electric chair while tinkering a tamagotchi, while the final "The High Exalted Nothing" makes me think about the reasonably rancorous reaction after an overrated festival of Neapolitan melodic song by expats in Little Italy, as the opening sample (did they record it from a pirate radio station broadcasting from a pizza store?) seems to suggest.

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