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Artist: Peder Mannerfelt
Title: EP1
Format: 12"
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Not to be mistaken with Dj Spooky aka That Subliminal Kid, Swedish producer Peder "The Sublimanal Kid" Mannerfelt, one leg of Roll The Dice with Malcom Pardon, moults on the occasion of the launch of his own label and the release of an album that is going to come on Digital Industries to the extent that the above-mentioned sonic appearances could be felt like a tender caress compared to a knockout blow of this EP. He seems to follow similar strategies of Paul "Emptyset" Purgas, who produced his self-named debut on his own label We Can Elude Control over the seven tracks he collected for this first ring of an hopefully long chain as he skillfully kneads some sonic material till the moment it leaps over listeners' eardrums and leaves a sediment on their brain: the chirping rattles which opens the opening track "Hook (end)" got crumbled before emulating a sequence of metallic waves and breaching together a faraway pinball-like noise against an electronic plop, a dying electric circuit got absorbed by an hyponotical jouncy rhythm on the following "Psalm and Songs and Voices", piercing sinewaves sound like burning after a match got striked on the entrancing "Expanding Sinewaves", the hissing of rattlesnakes and the one from an oscillator got weaved together on "Serpant and Cross Modulated Oscillator", scalds and short circuits heat the sonic sphere up on "Pauls Chain", electromechanical regurgitations and abrasive rotors got seethed on "Rhythm Modulated", while the final "With Psalms And Songs And Praises" sounds like the ultimate swallowing of urban life and supposedly Peder Mannerfelt's own voice by surrounding machines.

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