Music Reviews

Artist: Bus
Title: Eagles
Format: 12" vinyl + CD
Label: Shitkatapult
Rated: *****
Eight years after their album "Feelin' Danke", Daniel Meteo and Tom Thiel a.k.a. Bus, are back with a new album titled "Eagles" and for this new release, they landed on a Shitkatapult. Containing eleven songs recording during this time span, Bus on "Eagles" dismissed the vocal parts and composed instrumental tracks in balance between dub, minimal techno and exotica (this is what comes to my mind while listening to "Grove"). Convinced that less is more, the duo made of the absence an important element of the new album: they used wobbling low frequencies working as spectrum filler and then they added micro sounds, samples and a lot of rhythmical elements to enrich the lot. While listening to the album I have a mixed feeling about their effectiveness, because even if they are rhythmically rich, I found them pretty static and I don't find them enough entertaining. Maybe they wanted to reach a sort of zen space emptiness where sound is sound and doesn't need further explanation. Anyway, I found "Soundberg" the best of the lot, as it has upbeat pounding rhythms and a rich sound palette. Check the tracks here

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