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Artist: Coen Oscar Polack & Herman Wilken
Title: Fathomless
Format: 12"
Label: Narrominded
Rated: *****
Co-founder of the Narrominded label and a member of Living Ornaments and Psychon, Coen Oscar Polack with his solo work creates musical ambience that is formed by layers of field recordings and abstract noises and harmonies. He's first release "Psychic Investigations" is dated 2008 and since then he released other six albums of which "Fathomless" is the second with Herman Wilken. Inspired by the Barents Sea, which is a small sea in the Arctic Ocean, the album opens with a track having the same name. It begins with little crackles and noises which help into giving you a idea of the desolate waters north of Norway and Russia. In the eighteen minutes of its length, it slowly grows thanks to multiplying layers of icy drones, white noise and tiny harmonies. The second side contains "Sundarbans", a twenty minutes tracks which takes inspiration from an area of the east of India which is known for its rich fauna with colorful birds, crocodiles and snakes and it is notorious for its maze-like structure. On this one, the duo manages to create a different sound experience using sounds that are reminiscent of water noises, wind and birds chants. Also on this track we have an evolution which is more likely a de-evolution of sound, since it gets thinner and cold as the minutes pass by. But... as life taught us, things aren't always the same and suddenly the sound changes, turning into a throbbing icy drone where melodies and crackling noises submerge from the wall of sound. The album is available in a strictly limited edition of 100 transparent vinyl lp's and 100 black vinyl lp's and you can check it here

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