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Artist: Staer (@)
Title: Daughters
Format: CD
Label: Horse Arm (@)
Rated: *****
On the occasion of a chat, that followed the launch of their impressive self-titled EP, we had on this space last year, Stavanger-based Norwegian experimental rock (someone could prefer to label their sound "noise rock", "rockish noise", "art noise", "brutal prog", "apocalyptic rock" or are free to choose your favourite one) Staer announced their second album. Well, here it is! The guy on mix desk opens to the listeners the possibility to avoid the sonic assault to their eardrums by a sort of graduated fade-in, which could be perceived as a flattery as well, on the initial "Flashing Teeth Of Brass" before these sonic arsonists set fires around a skinned guitar and somewhat tribal drumming, a pyre they keep on feeding with the furious two parts of "Daughters", where temporary breaks which last no more than 3-4 seconds or 6-8 bars are just cues to add fuel to the fire of the corrosive stream of devastated chords, melodic wreck, unpredictable percussive flare-ups, cacophonous squeaking and piercing sonic throttling. Despite the whipping of noises, both first and second part still include an inkling of something steady, which got totally eclipsed on the following "One Million Love Units", where one sonic constituent got strained at the impervious surfaces of pure blunt improvisation with some short pauses that could let you think about the sequential detonation of many explosive charges, primed by fusillades of kick drums. Whereas "Neukolln" deploys a sort of lopsided and befuddling sonic clot, the final "Future Fuck" combines strident dissonances on a combustive pinwheel of accelerations and decelerations where the hobgoblin-like appearance of the saxophone by Ultralyd's Kjetil Moster is the cherry on top. "Daughters" is that kind of stuff that could delight eardrums of people who follow the stylistical scents of Steve Albini and Merzbow at the same time.

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