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Artist: Tattered Kaylor (@)
Title: Sombre Nay Sated
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Stasisfield (@)
Rated: *****
"Sound does not know our rules regarding walls, corners and closed doors. It travels through and beyond - being numerous in place, yet existing as a single entity. Under the guise of being unseen it permeates our surroundings, expanding and contracting space, warping the edges we construct with our perceptions of reality". Such a fascinating and embraceable observation by Australian sound artist Tessa Elieff aka Tattered Kaylor, which middles sound as a sort of an autonomous entity which prescinds from its receptor by emphasizing the role of perception and got marvelously epitomized by her acousmatic releases, could let you guess that an adaptation for personal fruition of her live works could be considered a challenge within a challenge. This attempt consists of three interesting adaptations of previous performances where she tried to link real sounds to their perceptions by a sort of overlapping between sonic "realities" such as steel, stone or architectural (both artificial and natural) cavities and a multi-speaker system, which got inspired by the original project of the Acousmonium by Francois Bayle: the tubular thin undulations of "Waves 2009", a stereophonic recording for a live performace she built with Cadif's Jacques Soddell, which soon turned into a sort of drone with sounds which could come from the bottom of an obscure well and seemingly disembodied female words, starts this immersive listening experience, which continues with a couple of tracks commissioned by Kunstradio, "Taken To Booroomba", a sort of reshpaed "take" of Uli Kuehn's "ROBOT" whose thunders and storms got played back at granite Booroomba Rocks in Australian Capital Territory, and the sinisterly claustrophobic "The Broken Return", which got derived from "Minigit", a sound installation by Andreas Trobollowitsch, which was performed at Moozak Festival in Wien in 2012. You can download this release for free with the possibility to send donation here:

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