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Artist: M.B., Massimo Croce, DBPIT and XxeNa (@)
Format: 12"
Label: Arte Nel Rumore | GattoAlieno (@)
Rated: *****
In the presentation of this release, the postface written by Maurizio Bianchi, this release is based around a geometrical concept: the preservation of the sonic distance between the metrical spaces that, in musical terms, are the sonic ideas of the participants. 'Isometrie sonore' is an album that collect four collaboration of M.B. with some of the most obscure entities of italian industrial: DBPIT, XxeNa (already known for their 'drawings at an exhibition' release) and Maurizio Croce.
Perhaps the best way to approach this release is starting with the limited edition tape 'Artemisio' featuring four track from each of the participant to this release: 'Biettiva' is the track from M.B. and is a dialogue between two mono track low volume noise track so there's a stereo track that seems a blend between musical opposite: noise and lowercase. 'People', the track from DBPIT, is based around a trumpet line above a soundscape made of bells and synth vaguely resembling the most experimental Death in June tracks. 'Erama', the track from XxeNa, is the most industrial like with her use of declamatory vocals and small noises. 'Oblomizzati', the track from Maurizio Croce, is the most dark ambient like creating a cold soundscape. Oddly enough every track is louder from his predecessor as the quieter is from M.B..
The proper release, a vinyl one, features four collaboration '01' is between M.B. and XxeNa and is a clear ambient tune in the vein of the quieter period of M.B. from his '90 return. '02' is between M.B. and DBPIT and is opened by a martial noisy beat suddenly juxtaposed by a small noise that round between the channels. and ends with a dialogue between the lines exposed during the track. '03' is between M.B. and Massimo Croce and is a soundscape based on drones. '04', the track on the b side is a collaboration between the four musicians and seems the sum of the musical ideas of the tape as is the sum of small beats (of DBPIT), a soundscape (from Massimo Croce), small noises (from M.B.) and vocal lines and samples (from XxeNa).
In some way this release seems more a solo release from M.B. with some guests rather than a true collaboration, perhaps because he's a musical influence for his collaborators however is impressive to hear new musical ideas from an artist with so many years of activity. Absolute respect.

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