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Artist: Hydrus
Title: Nodes
Format: CD EP
Label: Narrominded (@)
Rated: *****
In their press release this band is presented as a band whose 'name suggests rationally conceived music' and 'they program their own patches for electronic software and they love to work on their sounds endlessly'. The result is a classic IDM album with declared influences by Autechre and Plaid but with personality and a clear music direction.
'Vertex' opens this release with a classic IDM beat pointed by a dreamy synth. 'Micronaut' is based upon the Autechre-style juxtaposition of two rhythm in a loose predictable way. 'Black soap' is a synth based track upon an almost drum and bass layer. 'Bato' tries to calm the atmosphere while 'Raim' features the most complex drum pattern. 'Drose' seems almost a 'tri repetae' track as is based upon a synth loop and a beat.
This EP sounds as the most logical release Autechre would do if they didn't decide to change their sound, and a whole musical career, and for some fans this is one of the best compliment available. The critic says three, as is nothing new, but the fan says five so the average is four. Only for fans of IDM but recommended.

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