Music Reviews

Artist: Charles-Eric Charrier
Title: C 6 GIG
Format: CD
Label: Monotype Records (@)
Rated: *****
I don't really think that the very extended play - one untitled track which lasts more than forty-five minutes - of this self-named release by one of M.A.N.'s legs Charles-Eric Charrier is a blemish in spite of the fact that some passages could sound a little bit repetitive as I'd rather say that such a repetition favors the assimilation of his interesting approach to sound and emphasizes the somewhat ritual shadings that some sonic elements (particularly a sort of padded gong - almost permanently in the background -, which could vaguely remind the ritual halo of some stuff by Z'EV) evoke. The dropping initial metallic clicks, which resemble the lamellae of music boxes' steel combs, seem to prick the surface of the sonic sphere which bleeds poltergeists of deeply low frequencies and outlined arrangements by enlarging its pores till the moment when some purulences got occasionally lumped by unstable sonic equilibriums. The succession of deadening reprises, unpredictable interferences, gurgles of very low tones, spadeworks of dull thuds which seem to come from obscure recesses of different resounding elements and the scrupulous sound-design make this listening suite quite absorbing.

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