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Artist: Kid606 (@)
Title: Happiness
Format: CD
Label: Tigerbeat6 (@)
Rated: *****
His recent "Lost In The Game" could have concerned some fans, but whereas the following "Going Back To Kali Yuga" reassured many of them about Kid606's state of mind and temperament, this new full-length erases any doubts as in spite of some nostalgic nuance, "Happiness"' sonorities are diametrically opposite to the confused, depressed and somewhat psychotic ones of the above-mentioned "Lost In The Game", which could have marked the agony of the kid or the need for adult diapers at the very least. After he relocated from Berlin to Los Angeles, where the so-called brainfeeder scene togther with the changes which occured in the life of Miguel De Pedro (Kid606's name in civil registry), such as the end of previous liason (any kid tends to spread love and snuggle indifferently), L.A. sunsets, road trips, hiking and cuddling (any kid requires it), could have nourished his distinguishable wonky-oriented style and flair and daubed it with melodic ointments as terror beats which shaked most of his past production sound just like juvenile pimples. The clicking flangers and the percussive tethered helium balloons of the enchanting "Blood Stevia Sex Magik", the sugary aerostats of "Cloud Sculpting", the gladsome lunges of vocal chops on "Happiness is a Warm Kitten", the mesmerizing sonic watercrafts on "Smooth Sailing", the sweeping joyful pads of "Party Gambas", the amazing vocal cuts on bassy beds of "If I Am Allowed Only One Song On This Album With Cut Up Female Vocals Thn Thos Sing Is It", which reprise Kid606's knack for memorable track titles, and the whole sequence which starts from the perfect input current for this light-hearted journey on "Cute Never Dies" and ends with the more ruminative manifestation of adulthood "Man - the Failed Child (Thank You and Good Night)" inevitably resembles a lot of musical and sonic influences (first of all some juicy stuff from Rephlex, but also some other charming electronic acts such as Boards of Canada, Plaid, The Orb, Tangerine Dream and softer rockers like Toto or Christopher Cross), but the existential and emotional context where it bloomed from is the most meaningful source for inspiration. We cannot but be very happy that Kid606 keeps on feeling and rendering happiness.

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