Music Reviews

Artist: Snap Shot ft.Chimpo & Tonn Piper
Title: Dooms VIP/Dark Shadow VIP
Format: 12"
Label: NBAudio (@)
Rated: *****
A friend of mine with a strong passion for bass music says it's better to wait before buying some new 12" as he's fully convinced by the fact that some enhanced VIP versions could follow and they are going to play better than original tune. NB Audio, a newcomer in the overcrowded arena of alternative electronica labels from Manchester, doesn't dissuade that good folk from corroborating his argument by launching a couple of very good V.aried I.deas or V.ariations I.n P.roduction from Snap Shot, the two-headed project by Mark XTC - co-founder Da Intalex partnership with Marcus Kaye and shaker on Galaxy 102 radio by his own excellent drum and bass radio show - and Philip Lomas aka Microcosm - one of founding members of Mancunian collective North Base -. They managed to hype both the chasing "Dark Shadow" which features Tonn Piper, resident at Manchester's Warhouse Project, APE and Metropolis, on mic by stressing jungle-like inserts and the menacing dark clo(u)ds of the original track, and the gluey dark steps of "Dooms" by passing it to talented bass music styles' juggler Chimpo. Check them out!

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