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Artist: Hooved
Title: Timeless EP
Format: 12"
Label: AMAM (@)
Distributor: Intergroove
Rated: *****
The metronomic 2-step incipit of "TMLSS1" over a 15-minutes lasting pelting of sonic entities such as a sort of plastic rubbing, a small sample of vinylic hiss, which sounds like the first sparkle of a primer, popping claps whose mechanical sequence could let you think about the forcing of a deadbolt lock, occasional slackening swirls, spotty quavering high-notes which are often used in movies to announce an upcoming hazard and harmonic outcrops till the final and somehow unexpected parching, imprints a slight metamorphosis of the sound by Italian dj and producer Gaetano Vinci aka Hooved, even if such a mutation doesn't completely camouflage its devotional passion for some past Detroitesque sonorities (particularly Derrick May, The Martian and Richie Hawtin), which more clearly emerge on the lulling techno frame-up of the second movement of this EP as well as on the third one (a digital bonus), whose hypnotical looped vocals repeating "I think I might have something you would enjoy over at my house..." on a tolling of synth low-bells, subcutaneous kicks and nice bleeping clicks which emphasize the fourth beat of the rhythmical pattern reprise recurring stunts of Detroit tech-house. You'll also find a nice remix of the track by living legend of minimal techno Thomas Brinkmann, who manages to highlight "Timeless"' danceable prompts and turn it into a proper hit by inoculating a vial of symphony as well.

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