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Artist: Sonarophon
Title: Naked Arrows
Format: CD
Label: Zang:
Rated: *****
Recorded live at the Tou Scene in Stavanger the new second album of Sonarophone, titled 'Naked Arrows', is about to be released after three years from their debut 'De Frie Elementer' always on Zang:. Sonarophone is a duo formed by Alf Terje Hana (at CHAIN D.L.K. we reviewed different releases of his main project Athana) and Line Horneland. Containing eight tracks, the album is a melting pot where guitar experimentation (Alf is a master of this field) and jazz meet, transmute and rise to new life. Line vocals are captivating and hypnotic and pass from jazz classic atmospheres to whispers. On tracks like 'Oldtidsstrid' we have the sum of their sound with a spacey guitar introduction which is joined by vocal chants, breath noises and screams. It just sounds evocative and convincing. Also the following 'Short Song' is particular one as it's formed by a mix of distorted rhythms, guitar short arpeggios and little vocal chants. I imagine how it would have been being at that show when at a certain point the audience find itself in front of a woman who sings like in reverse and looks at a guy who seems to play a guitar but the speakers spread a fragmented strange sound (like on the track 'Samtea'). Inspired and beautiful this is an album I'm suggesting you to check and you can find so by visiting the band's sound cloud page at

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