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Artist: Hunter Complex
Title: Heat
Format: 12"
Label: Narrominded (@)
Rated: *****
Narrominded publishes the new LP from Holland's Hunter Complex presented as "a strange mix of Moroder's film scores and '81-'82 era" so the songs collected in this release are based on the classic synth pop structure. So, musically speaking, they are pop songs with synth instead of guitars and reveals as sound exploration has given to pop an entirely new musical palette.'¨"Heat" opens this release with a '80's sound clearly recognizable but with the '90 experimental attitude while "serious glas" deals with classic synth pop musical structure without seem a bad copy of it. "Atlantic" seems something taken from some strange oat featuring a sort of exotic mood vaguely resembling of some japan tunes. "Space" is clearly influenced by the '70 disco sound made by Giorgio Moroder. "Daylight" features dreamy synth. "Highway hypnosis" opens the B-side of this album, released on vinyl, and is a track with one of the best hook heard this year. "China rain" is a slow ballad and "room" almost a dance track. "Stations" and "hours" close this as classic pop tunes that use synth to obtain a layer of modernity to the classic pop musical development.
This album is really well written and glamorous, it features declaredly nothing ground-breaking, and is a sort of modern postcard from a distant era (the '80s) that seems better than ever. Nice without nostalgia.

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