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Artist: Monochromie (@)
Title: Colors In The Dark
Format: CD
Label: Time Released Sound (@)
Rated: *****
This little treat which embellishes the already prettified catalogue of Time Released Sound, whose hand-made artworks and limited editions dignify the beauty of sonic productions (mainly orbiting around electroacoustic, ambient and post-rock planets) by the involved artists, comes from the inspirational shining light of Marseille-based composer Wilson Trouve'. Compared with his debut album "Angels and Demons" on Fluttery, "Colour In The Dark" raises piano on the top step which seems to magically materialize from the crystalline mists of the initial "Brightness", whose crescendo after the low keys got stressed, the enthralling emotional swelling and the re-echoes of childplays could vaguely resemble some stuff by Harold Budd or even Sigur Ros, whose "( )" could come to listener's mind on the following "Dust and Breath" insomuch as you could expect one of those plangent sounds from Jonsi's uvula making its appearance, but some past piano themes by Niels Frahm, Ludovico Einaudi and Olafur Arnalds could arise from the repositories of your aural memories. Besides any possible comparison, Monochromie succeeds in attracting listeners who are going to easily lapse into his astonishingly evocative melodies, breathtaking piano strokes which slide over a carpet of guessed electronics and field recordings. Even the most nostalgic or urgent moments, such as the somber malaise of "Ballade", the offish time spell of "Old Times", the ascetic phantasmagoria of "Katedra", the enchanting astral turmoil of "Constellations" - the sudden surfacing piano nearby the end of the track is one of the highest moment of the whole album -, the harrowing and solemn strut of the beautiful "Love Song", seems to radiate the initial brightness outward till its final flooding on "Thorn Of Roses". I warmly recommend to take one of the strictly limited 400 copies of this lovely release before sold out.

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