Music Reviews

Artist: Gerwin (@)
Title: Lying Portraits (Zero T Reprint)/Soul Truth (Bungle Remix)
Format: 12"
Label: IM:Ltd (@)
Distributor: Triple Vision
Rated: *****
I don't want to display these remixes of Gerwin's one-two of "Lying Portraits" (co-signed with Nuage) and "Soul Truth" as out-and-out improvements as the original tracks were good enough to draw a rank. They're just good derivations from those tunes and I'd rather say the remixers - the talented Itrish producer Zero T and the young Brazilian ace Bungle - have been able to keep soulful traces of the original versions into their rhythmical overflow: while Bungle's rapids let filter the crystalline sounds of "Soul Truth" through shattering stream of percussive flooding, which seems to quieten in correspondence to the repetition of vocal refrain, Zero T seems to split the atoms of "Lying Portraits" into a more "space-y" sphere in the first part of his remix before opening pressure valves by gorgeous cavorting percussions and enchanting synths which shoot the track skyward. Really persuading proofs of (d'n'b) concept!

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