Music Reviews

Artist: Cerebro (@)
Title: Television Sky
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: L-System (@)
Rated: *****
L-System gets its poker by the second release from one of its two co-founder, the digital business-focused blogger, author and entrapreneaur and electronic music geek Tray Smith aka Cerebro, who dispatched a couple of well-forged deep techno tracks. Both of them could vaguely resemble some gimmicky stuff which came out on labels like Heiko Laux's Kanzlemramt, Move D's Source or Great Stuff Recordings, but whereas the title-track "Television Sky" spill a somehow gloomy melody and pierce the ether by means of twinkling sonorities and padded chinks, the catchy throbbing pattern of "Peripheral" sounds less diversified and definitively more disco-oriented. The attached remixes of both tracks conveyed the above-depicted structure so that while Peripheral's remix by Sean Mc Clellan in spite of remixer's endevour on single percussive elements and the insertion of a vocal sample who sinisterly states "it's a deeper reality" sounds quite stagnant, Television Sky's one by Cerebro's label mate Taho sounds more cliffhanging by means of excellent dynamics on harmonic buzzes and spread-eagle melodic glides.

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