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Artist: iVardensphere (@)
Title: Scatterface V3
Format: CD
Label: Metropolis (@)
Rated: *****
The successful debut album "Scatterface" by Canadian mutant band iVardensphere got originally released by Synthetic Sounds in 2009 and re-issued by Danse Macabre in 2010, but after this band founded by Scott Fox and co-piloted by Yann Faussurier (Iszoloscope) since 2011 rallied their electric cables around Metropolis on the occasion of the release of "APOK", many followers of the scene might have bargained on a third re-edit of their bedrock. If you never heard about them before, you could imagine a corrosive tangle of techno-tribalism, banging hard-electro stretches, industrial inklings, which could vaguely resemble stuff from Xotox, Terrorfakt, Juno Reactor or Noisuf-X, but the harsh virulence of their sound has been so well amalgamated that you'll almost perceive there are no rifts on the smoothed surface of iVardensphere, which implemented many vocal robotic samples to enhance and feed listener's imagination of their nervous broken lines and grim post-apocalyptic suffocating atmospheres. The stop'n'go abrasive lines of "Diatribe", the menacing epiphany of "Box Of Monsters", the contagious "Virus (Outbreak)", the ravaging "Sentient Wave Form" and "Calibrating The God Machine" and the dystopian bittersweet wit of the final "A Massage From Our Sponsors" could be the highlights, but the whole album could be danced and listened with bated breath from the beginning to the end. Besides the 11 tracks of the original tracks, this V3 includes a couple of remixes of "Bonedance", an abrasive one by David Brauburger aka Blush Response and an amazing IDM declension by witch-house innovators 'Aimon. A lot of fake blood is oing to be shed yet...

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