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Artist: Biblo
Title: Moved
Format: 12"
Label: Aentitainment
Rated: *****
According to the linear notes this release is filled with "minimalistic segments culminating in a rich and deep ['¦] composition". Biblo develops a musical style that is a blend of pop and trip hop with the contemporary taste for glitchy and noisy textures.
"Floater" opens this album with a glitchy dub beat and some noises and colored samples of voices. "Mind you" is noisier track based upon the same elements while "Some soil" closes the first side of this EP with a gentle guitar and a female vocals depicting an hypnotic track that ends with an hypnotic beat and samples. "Burnt offering" opens the b side (this is a vinyl release) with some reminiscence of trip hop but an almost industrial attitude with the search of a more abrasive sound. "For no one" is a more dancey track while "Infatuation", with the guitar line, returns to a quieter mood with the use of the female voices. "Losing Light" is a track completely based on vocal lines with only small lines of synth creating a canvas for the musical texture.
This EP is an interesting release that worth a listen from all fans of indie music. It could be enjoyable even a full length album. Nice.

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