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Artist: Foma (@)
Title: Open in Dark Room Only
Format: CD EP
Label: Ressonus Records (@)
Rated: *****
Foma is an electronic music project out of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic whose basic members are Jiri Tilgner and David Rambousek. Rambousek also happens to be the founder of the Czech label, Ressonus Records. This little EP was sitting under a pile of weightier stuff I was sifting through to review and I thought, 'what the hell, give it a shot' and popped it into the CD player. From the title I thought 'Open in Dark Room Only' was probably going to be dark ambient. Not necessarily so. The first track, 'Do It Again' with vocals by Czech-Finnish vocalist Sonja Neverstop is industrial trip-hop dark and moody synthpop that was absolutely brilliant! Whoa! Did this ever catch me by surprise. Great voice for this kind of stuff and wonderfully creepy arrangement. An absolute winner. The following track, 'Muoviset Sankarit,' is a little more uptempo electro still with Neverstop's vocals, this time spoken/rapped in a language I have no clue what it is. Kind of enigmatic. 'Morass' is spooky atmospherics set to a minimal beat, but where is Neverstop? I miss her already! This must be the experimental side of Foma. It develops a reggae-like rhythm towards the end. Eh, don't know about this one. 'Dark Room' is the most experimental piece on the EP and I didn't care a whole lot for it. Although there are interesting sonic elements (electronics, field recordings, samples) the drum machine and organish synth chord progression I found to be rather boring in its plodding pace.

On the positive side, I get the impression that 'Open in Dark Room Only' is just a taste of what Foma is capable of. More songs like 'Do It Again' and I'll be hooked. (Please guys, never stop using Neverstop!) I'd be interested in hearing what Foma has up their sleeve for a full album. The release is available as a free download and also as a handmade, limited edition CD from Ressonus.

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