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Artist: Superstrobe (@)
Title: Paradox EP
Format: 12"
Label: Praxxiz (@)
Rated: *****
After the reload, or I'd better say the re-boot, of Superstrobe project by means of the acclaimed release "Reboot" on Praxxiz, the well-respected label by Dr.Motte (most of you already know his importance for Berlin techno scene due to the fact he founded the notorious Berlin love Parade), Manuel Wrinkler, one of the most promising techno producer from the steaming scene of the German capital, slightly tweaks his sound on this EP towards less tense, but more hypnotical sonorities. Even if his sonic fingerprint is quite distinguishable, he shuffles sounds in a different way. Both tracks on this EP ignites on gummy bumps, but while "Hypnotize" veers towards headbanging minimal techno, which lies on "charred" laser beams, rising whooshes till a saturation point where the track comes full circle on a reprise of the initial bump which got partially mixed with the noise you hear when rub against a swollen balloon, I'd rather say that "Paradox" slides over more sci-fi oriented sonorities, maybe because the artificial chorused string Superstrobe adds in the pot look like a sample from Matrix main title soundtrack whereas the topic of the title seems to be somehow clarified by the sample of a falling aircraft. The fact that something which could thrill you by a sensation which could be associated to freedom, mastery or domination over gravitational attraction might turn into a fatal nightmare sounds paradoxical enough, doesn't it?

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