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Artist: The Exaltics
Title: Das Heise Experiment
Format: 12"
Label: Abstract Acid (@)
Rated: *****
Here we are, after three years from the latest album ("The Freefall" was released by Solar One Music on a double CD along with AS1's "Code Reference ") and after several EPs, finally we have a new The Exaltics album. Released by Abstract Form's sublabel Abstract Acid on LP and on CD (the CD has two bonus tracks "Siebenundzwanzig" and "Vier"), "Das Heise Experiment", brings to the attention of Robert Witschakowski's fans ten new tracks. If you followed CHAIN D.L.K. regularly, you'd realize that The Exaltics has been really active during the last couple of years and the thing that amaze me is that the music produced in this time span, has always reached high quality standards and I think that this is a sort of gift and also the fruit of a real passion. Anyway... Despite the fact that "Das Heise Experiment" has been released by Abstract Acid, don't wait for a release like the second part of "1000 Lights In The Sky", because on this album the acid elements are mostly TB-303 bass lines which are mixed to dark menacing atmospheres. Already the opening track "Neun" is a manifesto of the release as we have drone pads, robotic powerful drumming, dissontant distant arpeggios and acid bass lines. Robert decided to mix all the elements creating, in this way, a uniform track list as it was a sort of soundtrack where techno, acid and dark electro form a sound which is capable of catch the listener immediately. Tiny melodic lines are used to hypnotize as well as subtle noises and powerful rhythms are used as weapons of mass destruction! This album is a blast and I suggest you to reserve one of the 300 copies of the LP or one of the 100 CDs.

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