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Artist: Spaceheads (@)
Title: Sun Radar EP
Format: CD
Label: Electric Brass Records (@)
Rated: *****
First of a series of three EP on their label Electric Brass, "Sun Radar EP" seals the relished comeback of another glorious duo of early 90ies pioneers of live looping, the Spaceheads by Andy Diagram, who warms many alternative and leftfield acts by the sound of his engaging trumpet, and Richard Harrison on drums. I'd say they could be awaken by recent intense solar activity - maybe some solar flares or some neutrino storms - after nearly 10 years from their last tour over USA and Europe and nine amazing albums where they whiskied sugar-coated funky pills, high-spirited fanfares, psychotropic electronics and sci-fi floaters in their alembics. On this appetizer, they come in peace shrouded in an uproariously hippy-like aura with four amazing tracks - their playful approach to music could be gathered by the same duration of each track (around 3 minutes and 30 seconds): the initial "Sun Radar" ignites the boogie by a funky trumpet, a friction drum they made from a Moet Chandon ice bucket, playthings, a gripping groove whereas the following "Atomic Clock" seems to translate the downfall of nuclear age in their own musical words and "Miles to go" frivolously evokes a carefree journey by an uplifting rhythmical pattern, an overjoyed trumpet, a foot-loose whispering and scattering of echoes and delays. The final "North of the Border" gradually takes wing over smoother sounds and gentle drum brushes before gaining altitude. These half-serious missionaries of peace perfectly know how to make music carom over eardrums and joints.

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