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Artist: Isinglass
Title: One 3 Four
Format: 12"
Label: Anna Logue Records
Rated: *****
Coming from Canada and active on early 80s, Isinglass were formed by two members of the early Men Without Hats line-up (Jeremie Arrobas and Michael Gabriel) and were helped by other friends such as Pierre Lacoste (drums), Marc Perusse (guitar), Hendrica Verheyden (vocals) and Marc Lynes (guitar). Officially they never had a release out but for this Anna Logue's release they picked up three songs they recorded at Studio 1917, Montreal, in June 1982 and a live track they recorded in 1983 at La Pleine Lune club. "One 3 Four" is influenced by late 70s bands of the likes of Telex or Tubeway Army but they had a personal style that mixed new wave, post punk and synth pop. Take tracks like "Right Or Wrong", it has a nervous atmosphere similar to early B-52, a paced synth bass line, post punk guitar riffs and sparse synth orchestral inserts. The title track is more melancholic and intriguing with percussion, new wave guitar arpeggios and syncopated synth bass lines and it would had been a perfect single back then. "Burning Pictures", sounds energetic and obscure and the first thing I thought has been: "it sounds so English". The live track, "Much More Than This", is a melodic fast tune a la early Ultravox, with bouncing bass lines and distorted guitar riffs and it shows well the sound of those years... I'm done with my review, now it's your turn to check them out and you can do it here

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