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Artist: Rapoon (@)
Title: Vernal Crossing Revisited
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Zoharum (@)
Rated: *****
This album is the reissue of the third album from this project made for the 20th anniversary of the release. To the remastered edition there's also a complete reinterpretation made by Robin Storey.
The nine tracks of the original release starting from "the same river once" and ending with "yo-tun" are a one hour long exploration of the hypnotic qualities of the rhythm and so could be seen as a continuation of the experiments made with Zoviet France in the first part of this career. However, there's also the first attempts, in tracks as "sonol" and "anatapurrah", to extend this formula with texture oriented soundscape that will be fully developed in the next albums.
So, the 2013 remake, with tracks like "again we see" and "where stars reflects", is less focused with hypnotic beat and more oriented to territories where the texture is more relevant and rhythm is less hypnotic. There's also explicit references to the original album in tracks like "the water edge" but they acts as interludes to the actual musical path of Robin Storey hearable in the last long tracks "the clouds pass quickly" and "to end" where the hypnotic effect is constructed by the soundscape, with layers of drones and perhaps loops constantly changing, rather than by the beat.
Apart from the historical relevance of the original release, faithfully remastered, the remake reveals how a musical path could be developed without changing his fundamental basis but escaping from the trap of self citation. It's a really nice reissue for fans.

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