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Artist: Virgil Moorefield (@)
Title: No Business As Usual + Five Ideas About the Relation of Sight and Sound
Format: CD + DVD
Label: Hinterzimmer Records (@)
Rated: *****
Behind the provocative title "No Business As Usual", there's a proper creative outburst by New York-based self-taught drummer, intermedia artist and composer Virgil Moorefield (former professor of music and media at Northwestern and the University of Michigan and former collaborator of Glenn Branca - Virgil was the solo drummer of the monumental "Hallucination City: 100 Guitars" - and legendary Gira's proto-industrial Swans), who managed to melt some performative techniques from minimal and repetitive music, an accentuated dynamical ebullience the ear of a drummer could embed and a rich stylistical crucible of free-jazz, punk, krautrock, improvisational and even classical music, which have been thrown in the heady emotional vortex of the five parts of the title-track, where the initial melodic theme often swells by means of apoplectic instrumental eruptions and choral splattering snarl-up from the six very talented musicians of his Bicontinental Pocket Orchestra, comprising Ian Ding (vibraphone, drums), Martin Lorenza (percussion), Jurg Wickihalder (baritone sax), Vicky Chow (piano), Taylor Levine (guitar), Alexsander Gabrys (contrabass) and himself. The cd also includes another impressive work for sextet, "Detroit per Se", whose calm beginning on a quiet piano could seem a little bit deceptive due to the amazing musical fibrillation and heated crescendo which come after, and an amazing 11 minutes lasting duet/duel with Ian Ding, "Siamese Kits, Joined at the Kick (A Study In Prime Numbers)", which will make many lovers of drumming moan in pleasure. The "visual" part of the release consists of a DVD with the intermedia piece "Five Ideas About The Relation of Sight and Sound", an interesting collection of five tableaux with five technology-driven ways to reach synaesthesia and supposedly euphoric listening bliss as well.

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