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Artist: Motoomi Doi
Title: The Illuminated Nightingale
Format: CD
Label: Noble (@)
Rated: *****
The very first tracks of the first official album, following a couple of indipendent albums (including his appreciated "N-N-N", promoted by means of the so-called "free-distribution" way, where users who sent requests by email from Doi's website received it by post...his talent and word-of-mouth on Internet disseminated his sound), by talented Osaka-based song writer Motoomi Doi could prove the firm belief about the strong liking for stylistical forgery by many Japanese musicians (even if they often makes very good "imitations") as songs like "Dark Night", "The Eye of Night has Opened" and "Oscar" could immediately resemble the childishly dreamy atmospheres by the notorious Icelandic band Mum, but this musical portray of the concept of "night" from dusk to dawn turns on a dime by means of elegant insertions of caster sugar melodies, whose harmonic motions gradually expand by means of jazzy drum sets, good electronic chiselling, zesty techno-pop sprinkling, swingy tunes, pretty J-pop marches and above all an emotionally mottled poetry whose intensity and seesawing between joy and anxiety, peace and sorrow, solitude and grace which got rendered and easily fathomed by Doi's piercing, delicate and somehow ephebic vocal interpretations, whose singular timbre could be imagined as a male and childish version of an hybrid between Pinkie Maclure (Pumajaw) and Tujiko Noriko, could tell you something even if you don't relly understand any Japanese words. Tested and approved by my one-year old worshipped nephew!

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