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Artist: Kuantum (@)
Title: Wasteland
Format: 12"
Label: IM:Ltd (@)
Distributor: Triple Vision
Rated: *****
The new discovery by French label IM:Ltd, Kuantum, musically grew in the underground parties of Montpellier scene. If I could profile his musical purpose, I'd say he could reasonably carry the torch of a new generation of dubstep craftsmen, which would like to rediscover the roots of th genre without becoming the camouflage or the clone of the styles by producers who gain so much notoriety in the scene that their names (I could mention Skrillex, Benga or Skream, whose releases ride the wave of the shining moment of a genre, which exists since long time) tightly acquired the synonymy with the word "dubstep". The sonic strategy by this talented lad is quite clear since the initial "Wasteland", an engaging track named after the legendary vintage videogame by Electronic Arts, set in a post-apocalyptic world: the sound is definitively more dub-oriented and exquisitely wild as it seems to sink listeners into a world crowded by humongous wild beasts and landfill-generated monsters where life-and-death struggle and feral instinct don't look tempered by education or civilization. In spite of the presence of that rumbling wub which resembles peristaltic noises, one of the main characteristic of dubstep, on the following "Innervision", dub struts prevail and such a preponderance have been clearly shown on "Distracted", the collaborative track with Mateba, where the general sound fluctuates between contemporary dubstep gargles and those spatial puffs which marked some past electronic dub releases, and the enchanting melancholic coil angd gloomier fumigation of the final "Majora". Very promising debut release.

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