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Artist: Distorted World (@)
Title: Between The Strophes
Format: CD
Label: Artificial Sun (@)
Rated: *****
What a nice surprise provided by the Russian Artificial Sun label: after having started with two rather more Metal-inspired projects (Type V Blood / Bog ~ Morok), they now provide us a real, Moscow-based Dark Electro music-project called Distorted World. It is a solo project by Ivan 'Unbekannter', who is known for his involvement in Anthracitic Moths, a Dark Electro-project signed to Gravitator Records. Distorted World as being his solo effort shows here and there some comparable sound-ideas, but generally it sounds quite different to Anthracitic Moth. Musically Ivan reanimates several ideas and influences of some veteran and international renowned projects like Calva Y Nada, yelworC, and/or Splatter Squall. 'Between The Strophes' comes out as the debut release of this project and it leaves an impressive impact, that this band is easily capable not to fall too deep into the repetitive phrases of the young Harsh-EBM generation. This album balances well between newest studio techniques - the end mastering of Jan L. (X-Fusion) rather stands for the idea to join the path of current times ' and the omni-present influences by above mentioned idols being mostly active in the second half of the 90s. After an ominous, nightmarish-sounding 'Intro' tune, the rough and pummelling 'Mysterious World' storms mighty in your stomach and your legs. The mood of this track is pretty much related to some earlier yelworC works ('Blood In Face'-like) and it is one of the most appealing tracks to storm the dancefloors. 'Dream' differs in its mood and allows a slight Dark Wave-/Goth-influence to take part. It could be also related to the movie 'The Beauty and The Beast', because Angelina L., the second official band-member of Distorted World, picks up the microphone for her vocal part to be the smooth and sweet companion to Ivan's mostly rough growling. Next comes the pounding tune 'Hexentanz', surprisingly provided in German lyrics, plus it features some raging Metal-guitar riffs. You see this band-project is able to deal with different music styles and it all sounds still quite well mixed together. 'Devil Worship' then stands for another highlight, pretty much as strong as 'Mysterious World' and in a comparable vein. With another instrumental 'Outro ' Birth Of Chaos', this album then switches over after 11 tracks into the remix section. 5 different remix contributions by Type V Blood, Freaky Mind, Bleak Freak, Desmodus and Kos Klimenko are rounding up this promising debut release of this talented Russian music-projct. While especially Russia's Dark Electro/EBM/Industrial scene is pretty much influenced by the Harsh EBM / Hellectro-youth, it does so good to get the chance for checking out here and there more valuable artists ' and Distorted World are surely counting to be one of the revelations. A good and crafty produced debut, more of this please!

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