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Artist: Displacer
Title: Curse Of The Black Lotus
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Crime League (@)
Rated: *****
All those ones who remembers the first steps by Canadian musician Michael Morton aka Displacer on M-Tronic maybe will discern that his futuristic touch, which previously embellished ambient and downtempo-oriented stuff, has not perished even within the beat-thickening amazing muddle he flaunts on this tidbit, which comes on his own resurrected imprint Crime League. In spite of the solid rhythmical mould, which could remind some Beefcake's tunes or Gridlock's geometries by means of its mindblowing oscillations between IDM, breakbeat, drum'n'bass and analogue greasy sonorities, the four tracks and the remix on "The Curse Of The Black Lotus" exude whispering hues of the primordial sonic approach, which manages to carpet sounds with a charming air of mistery and a touch of electronic vintage: for instance, the whirling swishes of "Black Sun, Black Moon" starts and and develops around an hypnotic buzz which could recall the one Underworld widely used on some old tracks such as "Rez" or "Cow Girl" over a breakbeat carburetor, which could evoke some old stuff by Prodigy, the initial ignition on "Black Lotus" could be easily mixed both with some borderline tune by Proem and funked-up sci-fi breakbeat which some djs used to play 10-12 years ago and the scrampling airborne smoothness of Burned Mix of "RZLA" could activate some listener's aural memories related to some legendary moments of "space-odissey" techno age (Cyrus, Two Lone Swordsmen, CJ Bolland or Kevin Saunderson), but the casting of fused silica, post-industrial contrivance and "orchestral" charred coats by Displacer glow each track in a very charming way. It seems that Displacer is going to put a spell (or maybe a curse which will not easily get disabled) on a somehow groping scene.

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