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Artist: The 49 Americans
Title: We Know Nonsense
Format: CD
Label: Staubgold (@)
Rated: *****
This funny release on Staubgold records moments of extemporaneous musical wit, which sound in the balance between plagiarism and parody, by an ensemble of musicians and non-musicians (but fully involved in music scene) which we won't call "a band, in the conventional sense", as suggested by one of his most known member, David Toop. In accordance with the references to the number of united stars/states in North America, we could consider The 49 Americans, a do-it-yourself supergroup joined together by Andrew "Giblet" Brenner, as a confederation of American musicians (including people like Lol Coxhill, Viv Albertine, Vivien Goldman, Steve Beresford, Max Eastley, Eddie Saunders, Bendle, Terry Day, Nag and Keith James)who don't really look for any kind of celebration or wax sculptures in spite of their amazing and amused activity and their clarion calls to meaningful non-sense and possibly missing 50th star (!) in the boiling British scene between late 70ies and early 80ies. They whipped stylistical rinds by a carefree attitude and a funny insouciance over their occasional appearances, so that you could imagine that they composed most of their songs (and their seemingly nonsense dandy/dadaist lyrics...) in total idleness and this pleasant reprint of their second full-length, previously released in 1982 by Choo Choo Train Records, which include 23 (it's not a mistake...they're really 23) bonus tracks from their first releases "Toop Young To Be Ideal" and "E Pluribus Unum", validate their bizarre eclecticism and the above-sketched attitude. A wholesome shake of references (I'm pretty sure you'll recognize many preceding and following musical acts while listening their somewhat lopsided pastiches and pastimes of doo-wop, swing, rock'n'roll, gospel, childplays, acapella, easy listening pop, jazz or whatever) has been combined to lyrical cinches, whose naif sublimation are really intriguing. Have a listen and these odd American fellows will manage to lift your mood up.

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