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Artist: Rekord 61 (@)
Title: Kaskad EP
Format: 12"
Label: Konstruktiv (@)
Distributor: Triple Vision
Rated: *****
Well begun is half done, as the saying goes, and Moscow-based Russian producer Alexander Babaev in the gise of his stage alias Rekord 61 must know that quote after this first brick of his newborn label Konstruktiv, whose name well summarise its underlying music policy. The release number 1 includes a couple of excellent tracks and a remix by renowned Berlin dj and producer Phon.o, which transpose some compositional techniques of IDM, based on the deconstruction of beat patterns, to make something which will make you think about the building of a monumental skyscraper. Softened hammering, muffled snare drum, bleeping ticktocks, a slowly rising synth-brass portrays an intense activity or a big construction site (or an imaginary electronic anthill) on the initial "Kaskad", whose source of inspiration came from monumental art and technical aesthatics of giant industrial constructions in the middle of the last century. It got wisely remixed by Phon.o, who rehashed pulleys, levers, cranes, concrete mixers and other tools by drier hits and effects on buzzing bass and synth-brass which accentuated the epic aura of the original version. The second track on B-side, "Prostor", lies on the catchy sound of a slapped bass, banging claps and joyful breaks, which gradually become stronger and stronger while rhythmical synths climb over unutterable heights.The foundations have just been laid.

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