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Artist: Adaya Godlevsky
Title: Seam
Format: CD
Label: Interval Recordings (@)
Rated: *****
The frail and extremely delicate beauty of a porcelain ballerina, who's doomed to spin inside a carillon, which sometimes jangle after some smashes against a poky jail where it was boxed in, and secretly carries a tune or sing the pang for her condition from the utter darkness of her velvet-covered cloistered cubicle, could be envisaged while listening to this lovely release by Tel Aviv-based harpist Adaya Godlevsky, who partially spikes the platitudinous image of harpist's crouched repetition of enchanted harmonies, resoundign from some imaginary fairyland, by means of quick dynamic changes, sudden paws, strums, scratches, staccato tone clusters, unexpected "latin" spurts and guessed tonal faltering which crack and recast conventional harp harmonies. Such a contrast resurface with catchy afflatus on tracks like "Seam", the almost claustrophobic "First Light", the magnetic "Wondering My Way To You" and "Field", where thespian Adaya's canto intertwines with celtic harp's strings and assuages the arthritic plunks on them after her voice effused catchy isolated vocals on the first three "fragments", where her voice sounds like emitting prostrate palpitations. Intriguing and crepuscular music.

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