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Artist: Metzengerstein (@)
Title: Albero specchio
Format: Tape
Label: Sonic Meditations (@)
Rated: *****
Metzengerstein is a jam band aiming to develop a form of improvised experimental rock based of the ritual form developed by kraut rock in the '70 with juxtaposed the research for sonic details derived from electronic music. The result of this blend could be immature at some point but has some ideas of undoubted interest.
The side A of this cassette is opened by "1", the longest track of this release, and his almost quiet guitar drone colored by voices and metallic percussions and the sparse drums and what is seems a saxophone gives a quiet ritual flavor to the whole musical structure until, in the second part, it develops in jazz jam and it ends with a ritual guided by drums. "2" starts with a gentle guitar arpeggio and drums and some distant voices until a synth loop introduce the listener to the final noisy part. The side B is opened by "3" that is based on an oriental mood being driven from a sitar until the guitar drive the track in psychedelic fields. "4" is quiet static and meditative track whose first part is based on the juxtapositon of the drones made by the various instruments and the second features the drum trying to develop the piece in more rock-oriented form. "5" close this cassette with the drums above some guitar noises and a flute loop quickly developed by a flute line and ending quietly in an almost free ritual form and ending with a guitar drone.
The repetitiveness of the musical form, typical of this ritual oriented music, is balanced by a careful choice of musical timbres trying to balance the fact that some track seems longer than necessary. However, as is a debut release, it reveals quality that ask the attention of all fans of this genre. It really worths a listen.

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