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Artist: Mathématiques Modernes
Title: Les Visiteurs Du Soir
Format: 12"
Label: Medical Records
Rated: *****
Originally released in 1981 by the Dorian / Discque Vogue label and distributed by Celluloid, "Les Visiteurs Du Soir" has been the only Mathematiques Modernes album. Formed by Claude Arto (on keyboards, he also worked with French bands Artefact and Spions) and Edwige Braun-Belmore (vocals and lyrics), the duo produced an album which is a very unique one. I don't know if you're keen of 60s music but it was usual for the bands of that period to record an album and to have strings and blows sections added. That sort of things happened, for example, to The Pretty Things on their "Sorrows" album and to The Shadows Of Knight, the year after, on 1968, for their self titled album. The first time I checked 'Les Visiteurs Du Soir', I thought: what's happening here? Do they did add strings and horns on purpose? Did they do that on a synthpop/new wave album because they wanted to? Reading the liner notes of the release I didn't find an answer but after a while I realized that this musical arrangement is still particular but it fits and enriches the songs. Take, for example, "Reponds Moi" which sounds like a cabaret song, or the minimal synth cold sounds of the following "Athletical Mystery" that are underlined by strings dissonant melodies and syncopated drum patterns. Since from the opening "Paris Tokyo", the album stands out and convince the listener that is able to go ahead the initial effect that the orchestral parts give. For this reissue, Medical Records, had the tape masters restored and remastered by Gilbert Castro of Celluloid Records himself. The reissue is identical to the original release and it's printed in 180gram grey opaque high-quality vinyl in a limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies. The insert included contains an interview to Claude Arto by Dave Segal plus other interesting tidbits. Check a couple of tracks and order your copy here

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