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Artist: Jasper TX (@)
Title: An Index Of Failure
Format: 12"
Label: Handmade Birds (@)
Distributor: Thrill Jockey
Rated: *****
After nine albums and many tours all around the world, it seems that Swedish talented multi-instrumentalist Dag Rosenqvist wants to put an end to his project Jasper TX, whose name was taken from a village in Eastern Texas where a brutal racist homicide, the one of James Byrd, occurred in June 1998, and I have to say the awareness this is the last Japer TX act accentuates the mood of epic sadness which pervades the lead line of its sound. The dark foxfire begins to glimmer since the introductive track, even if the first weeping tones, which could reemble some stuff by Archive or, if you know collaborative projects by Rosenqvist, From The Mouth Of The Sun, could sound more intimistic than solemnly epic before the electroacoustic gloss of the final part, which more vividly shines in the following track "In All Your Blinding Lights" and sinks into sidelight in "Rivers Flow", which initially looks like a reprise of "Abandon" and then turns into a more radiant and even more graceful atmosphere by means of pad-synths and touching murmur of low frequencies which sets it ablaze. On the flipside, the intial narcosis of an entrancing mist grows into a somehow deafening electrical storm on "A New Language", which precedes the lovely epidural elegy of "Days Above The Tide", whose somber marching advance could recall some epic peaks of "Angels of The Universe" soundtrack by Hilmar Orn & Sigur Ros. "An Index of Failure" is definitively a proper way to scatter cremation Jasper TX's ashes over heavy seas.

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