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Apr 01 2013
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Artist: Elastik (@)
Title: Instrumental E.P.
Format: CD
Label: Koma
Rated: *****
Two years after their latest album "Critik", Elastik, are back with a new EP that gathers six instrumental tracks of which three are coming from their previous albums. The tracks are titled only with numbers and maybe the reason is because they are able to "talk" by their own. Beautifully crafted and performed, they could fit perfectly a movie. Mixing industrial sounds, catchy melodies, tense atmospheres Thomas Prigent succeeded into giving to the EP a sort of theme which is more at an unconscious level than else. Orchestrations, sounds alternation (noises, samples, guitars), effects and samples are used at the best to create a sort of suspended world. Also silence is used well just like the sounds are: on different tracks rhythms and sounds stop just to underline a score change and this is of great effect when you are floating into a mysterious atmosphere. Great release!

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