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Artist: Break/Eastcolors
Title: So True VIP/Watch Out (Enei Remix)
Format: 12"
Label: Symmetry Recordings (@)
Rated: *****
On this little kicking knick-knack, Symmetry Records serves the reshuffles of a couple of tracks, which got already released on the label-sampler "The Other Side" I already mentioned on the occasion of the chat with label-owner and composer Charlie Bierman aka Break. On side A, Break himself waxes the roaring engine of "Love So True" in order to make it more luscious by breading sonic golden plastic, tanned skin, elastic percussive slips and a relaxed bassline on original version without tampering with a certain tropical crispness, while talented Russian producer Aleksei Egorchenkov aka Enei nukes "Watch Out", the impressive debut track by Andrey Terekhov aka Eastcolors on Symmetry, by means of cutting extrusions, blown synth and crackling hats which mined the original pattern in an enjoyable manner. An alternative option for all those (many) djs who are massively playing original versions during their sets.

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