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Artist: Luca Sigurtà (@)
Title: Bliss
Format: CD
Label: Fratto9 Under The Sky Records (@)
Rated: *****
Open: Rich, textural ambient begins to pour from the speakers (or headphones I suppose for most); there is an underlying washing of noises and field recordings. A deep bass slowly creeps in. Very oceanic, almost glacial. And so begins 'Bliss' by Luca Sigurtà from Frattonove (aka Fratto9 Under the Sky). While 'Bliss' contains just 5 untitled tracks, it clocks in at over 41 minutes, each one full of rich, pristine tones, textures and sounds. One of the only signs of melody is discovered at the intro of the second piece in the form of plucky koto or similar instrument, but as the texture slowly fills in around it, it quickly melts away. A very quiet, but delicious track overall. The third movement fades quickly in, filled with lush, almost orchestral walls, which very slowly, and very stealthily mutate into dissonant chords by the end of the piece. Track 4 is far more sparse, with soft static living just beneath a slight tension, which eventually gives way to the final chapter of this aural journey. A crisp ringing drone almost tricks the mind into believing its surrounded by crickets; maybe sitting calmly out in a cool, spring night's air. Until the static returns, much more than before, followed by the sounds of a dungeon or cave, echoing through said night. 'Bliss' has it all, from those beautifully rich, thick textures, to its robust tones, to its underlying noise and field recordings, it is just a well-executed, well-written page in the ambient history books.

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